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Tekgeeks (Pvt) Ltd

No: 02, De Mel Watta Road, Koswatta, Nawala, Sri Lanka.


TekGeeks was launched in 2008, recognizing new demands and challenges the new digital age created for business internationally. Initially a web development and search engine optimization provider, TekGeeks has evolved to be one of the leading software and digital service companies in Sri Lanka. We are built on a foundation of technical expertise – software engineering, search engine optimization, mobile solutions, digital marketing and creative services.

We have over a decade of experience building high-performing dedicated teams in Sri Lanka for international clients and we know what it takes to succeed in software outsourcing.

We are seasoned in tackling complete projects and their comprehensive tasks, which is why we offer a full spectrum of services, and support services to suit your needs. Whether you require a qualified software development provider to deliver a custom enterprise software solution, an experienced integrator to create a connected software ecosystem or a diversified team of developers to handle a bunch of enterprise apps or an experienced creative team to develop digital marketing content, TekGeeks is equipped with the dexterity to take on your project.


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